RAINN: National Sexual Assault Hotline

  • 800-656-HOPE: 24/7
  • rainn.org
  • This hotline connects sexual assault victims to local rape crisis centers; the website also provides an online crisis hotline for victims of sexual assault. If you have been sexually assaulted, have a friend who’s been sexually assaulted, or want to know how to reduce your risk of sexual assault, RAINN can provide.

Campus Advocates Respond and Educate to Stop Violence (CARE)

    • Responds to incidents of sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking and sexual harassment, confidential, provides support and can give referrals, can also talk if close to someone who was victimized, can provide emergency/immediate assistance 24/7
    • CARE Crisis Cell: 301-714-3442
    • Non-emergency assistance
      • Email: care@health.umd.edu
      • Telephone: 301-314-2222
      • Office: University Health Center, Room 2118D